Jan 11

A nice sturdy foundation

We here in Wyoming are big fans of the open countryside.  We spend our time in the fields working, playing, and riding our horses.  We have cattle that we let roam free that we tend to with great pride.  And as a result, we are men of great brawn.  I’m nearly seven feet tall, and I feel like I’m average here in Wyoming, with many of my companions of a similar size.

We are proud of our strength, our size, and our courage.  People around the US revere Wyoming for its prize genetics and commitment to keeping the land.  However after a hard day’s work, we need to realize that our home needs to be able to take a beating like we just received in the land.  We are fought and tough people, and it’s hard to turn it off, even when walking into a home.

Sturdy bed frameThis applies to doorways, floors, kitchen appliances, and especially to bed frames.  When you lay yourself down on that bed frame after a hard day’s work, it needs to support you.  It needs to understand the toil that has been put on your body, and support you.

A study bed frame should be low to the ground, and be made of wood or steel.  Make sure that the material is thick and supportive, so that it will not bed when you jump onto it.

We know that these bed frames can be expensive, especially if you invest in a quality one.  But this is extremely important.  Imagine a bed frame breaking out from under you as you sleep – there is nothing more terrifying than that.

So find a quality bed frame manufacturer, and spend those hard earned dollars where they can make a difference in your life.  Outfit that whole bedroom with some quality furniture if you can afford it.  It’s an investment that will pay itself many times over.

We wrote about how the west was won, and we know that it was won by men with sturdy bed frames.

Nov 12

Foams don’t belong in Wyoming

If you visit fancy tempurpedic stores, they’re going to tell you the amazing benefits of this mattress.  How it will heal your back pain, stop your snoring, make you feel rested, and lead to a much better life filled with rest and relaxation.  And tempurpedic is not the only one trying to trick our Wyoming brethren.  There are endless foam companies coming into Wyoming, even Cody.  They bring with them amazing foams developed by NASA, sometimes they’re made of latex, sometimes memory foam.  All of them are good for the environment, of course, even though they’re filled with chemicals.  And naturally every one of them is sustainable, tea infused, and the like.

wyoming loves coil mattresses

Friends I’ve aid it before, and I’ll say it again; keep those foam mattresses out of Wyoming.  We don’t need them, we don’t want them, and they’re no good for us.  I hate foam mattresses because:

  1. Foam mattresses sleep hot
  2. Latex and memory foam are practically the same thing, but they try to dress them up like they’re different.  I won’t stand for that trickery.
  3. Foam does not belong in the wild west.
  4. No one that I know respects mattresses that are made of foam.  They are too cushy.
  5. They’re far too comfortable.  If a man lays down on a foam mattress, he’s likely to wake up as a woman in the morning.  That’s just a fact.
  6. Foam is terrible for the environment.  Sleeping on a memory foam mattress is like cutting down the tree in your back yard and lighting it on the fire, just to watch it burn
  7. NASA created this, and we all know that we can’t trust them.  You might as well start trusting the Eastern states as well.

Oct 01

Mattresses of Oxen hair and brush

We are creatures of comfort.  As far as humanity has existed, we have sought to be more comfortable than we currently are.  This trait presents itself in a variety of ways, but one of them certainly has related to how we sleep, and how we choose to spend our nights.

We can really see our progression as a society when we start looking at the history of the mattress, particularly in Wyoming.

We cowboys started sleeping in the dirt and the mud, naturally.  Just lay yourself down wherever you are at the time of fatigue, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Next step is gathering together the soft stuff like twigs, leaves, and grass, and mix it in with the mud.  That must have seemed like a hug mattress upgrade back in the day, but still a long ways away from the mattress of today.

Then, the real Wyoming trick – bring in the oxen hair.  Now I to this day sleep on an oxen hair mattress, so you can tell that I really appreciate this innovation, and as far as I’m concerned that’s all that we as humans needed to do in this area.

Later on came memory foam, latex foam, tempurpedic, and all of these other fancy companies that you all know and possibly love.  But that’s where my history lesson ends, because who cares?  The oxen hair came, and now I don’t care anymore.


Jul 14

The West as a Vacation Destination

A lot of people on the East Coast don’t realize how spectacular the West is as a vacation destination.  In this article, I want to highlight some amazing places that you can go to on your own, with friends, or with family and have an amazing vacation.  Here are some good ideas.

Pacific Coast Highway

Westerners call this PCH, and is one of the prettiest drives you can take anywhere in the country and possibly the world.  It runs up the west coast along the ocean, has windy roads, and follow through some amazing scenery.  Every American and heck non-American too should at least make this drive once in their lives.  You can have some amazing stops along the way as well.


This is an unbelievably beautiful park in California.  I can’t even describe how beautiful it is, so you really just need to see it for yourself.  Whether you like rock climbing, hiking, or really any outdoor activity, this is a place you need to check out.


The beauty of this national park is also unspeakable.  Go camping here and check out the amazing natural scenery and live amongst the widlife for an amazing time.

Glacier National Park

Not a lot of people think of Montana as a good vacation destination, but this national park is amazingly pretty.  You might think you are in Alaska with this scenery.  Get your outdoors on and have a transformational experience at this wonder of a park.


Portland is a really cool city and something everyone should do at least a couple of times in their lives.  They have a really unique history and really resemble more of a European city than an American one with its biking culture and extra livable nature.

Wine Country

You of course need to check out Napa Valley and Sonoma if you like wine at all.  On top of the amazing wine that you will drink, the scenery also happens to be spectacular.

San Francisco

This city is just cool.  I don’t even think I need to describe it very much.  It’s just a place everyone should check out.  Make sure to bring a light jacket, as it does get cold pretty much year-round.

Grand Canyon

This is just one of those unbelievable experiences that everyone has to go through at least once as a kid and once as an adult.  You really get an appreciation for the awe-inspiring nature of mother Earth when you go here.  It’s a must-see.


Colorado is nature’s paradise.  The mountains are of course amazing for skiing and hiking, but there are also really cool places that not many people think of when they hear Colorado.  Boulder, for example, is one of the coolest and prettiest cities in the country, but it doesn’t get a lot of press.


Utah is also a wonderous place.  They have many national parks with unspeakable beauty.  It’s just a great place to be for outdoorsmen.

This is just a quick list of places I would highly recommend going to.  It is of course missing many other great places in the West.  Make sure to go to at least some of these places!

Jul 07

Horse beds are a treasure

The thing about horse beds is that they really are something unique in themselves. Most people think that horses don’t have beds, that maybe they sleep standing up, or maybe they don’t sleep at all. Maybe they have some sort of nest, like a bug, right? Wrong. Horses have proper beds, some even with nice frames and mattresses. If you want to see how they like it, read a nice Keetsa Mattress Review to get a better perspective.  They really are quite nice, sometimes humans like to sleep on them as well.

I can see it, you’re extremely surprised already.  Like a horse doesn’t deserve proper horse bedding.  Well that’s where you’re wrong.  These magical creatures deserve all the REMs they can get, just like humans.  I’d get them a tempurpedic mattress to go along with it if I thought it would help!

The big issue with these mattresses is the dirt.  Horses can get quite dirty, particularly if they’re been ridden that day or are not brushed regularly.  This can significantly impact the maintenance of the bed.  If you decide to get a mattress for your horse, understand that you’ll be dealing with some serious cleaning issues.  Even beyond the horse.  It’s still worth it, but the process can be frustrating.

I’d do what you can to make it absolutely perfect for these horses to sleep.  Like humans, it can be difficult for a horse to perform at its optimal level if it is fatigued.  Particularly for racing horses, you need to make sure that the horse is getting some serious rest.  Give it the proper time, a dark place, and access to a high quality bed.  If you can read Slumber Sage reviews and take it seriously, then you need to take your horse seriously as well.

Jul 02

Proper bedding for the west

The west has a very interesting climate. Depending on where in the west we are talking about, it could be very hot. It could also be pretty cold. The humidity also really varies a lot. So what is the best bedding that you should get if you live in the west? Well, it depends on a few factors. I will list out these factors here and go through them in some detail.


The climate really matters a lot. If it is super hot out and humid, you need to make sure that you either don’t get memory foam or you get the kind of memory foam that doesn’t sleep hot. Sleeping hot is something that will definitely prevent you from getting as much sleep as you need. It will also stop you from sleeping comfortably. If you get wool comforters, you are probably making a mistake. However, if you live in a colder climate, then perhaps something like a wool comforter would be appropriate. You need to assess your climate and then adjust your bedding and mattress components accordingly.

The main point of this is that sleeping cool is the best way to go. If you are freezing, then that is not good. However, if you sleep hot, you are not going to get the night of sleep that you deserve.


It helps if your bedding looks really cool. If you are a guy and you have a girl over, if your bedding doesn’t look good, then that girl is probably not going to be impressed and she will maybe even leave immediately. Therefore, you need to make sure your bedding looks badass and makes everyone else feel jealous. The best way to make yourself feel better is to have all of your friend tell you how jealous they are of you. You can do this with badass-looking bedding.

These are just a few of my thoughts. You need to do your own assessment as well.

Jul 02

How the west was won

I thought I would go off on a little tangent and put together my thoughts of how I think the west was won. There’s no one true reason why it happened, but one thing is for sure, we do know that it happened. That’s a fact, not an opinion. Here are my thoughts.

I think people had true grit. I know that there’s a movie with that title, and I think it highlights quite wonderfully the spirit that the average person of the west had. They were tough and honest people fighting to win the west. They went through Wyoming and Utah, all the way to California. It was not easy, but they figured out a way.

These people also knew a thing or two about good sleep. It’s just not possible to win the west without being fully alert. These people had some pretty inventive mattresses and bedding that we should all be impressed by. They kept natural sleep cycles that allowed them to get up to nine hours of sleep a day. This alertness and cognizance allowed them to win the west in my opinion.

These people were very creative at the same time. They were able to come up with very creative solutions when the day called for it the most. I really respect their creativity and fully believe that it is part of the reason why they were able to win the west.

These people also had a lot of respect for themselves and for one another. If they had just come in guns blazing without respect, perhaps they would not have won the west.

Those are my thoughts on how the west was won. It was a historic time for our country, and if these people hadn’t done what they did, who knows what kind of country we would live in these days. I don’t even want to think about that. The most important thing is, these brave people did it, and they did it well.